ROOPLER IS AN AI-driven Lead Generation SOLUTION developed by real estate & technology professionals THAT generates Valuable, high-intent leads & continues to nurture them over time.

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  • Exclusive City-Based Lead Generation: Brokers, teams, and agents can obtain leads within a chosen city based on select criteria that are exclusive to that particular account holder.
  • ​In-Depth Prospect Profiles: When agents work with Roopler, they get more than a name and contact information. Roopler’s AI-driven communication engages consumers in real-time conversations.
  • Ongoing Support: Signing up for Roopler is like onboarding a new team member—one who will work for you by nurturing leads 24/7.
  • Value Recovery: Roopler is more than a way to acquire and nurture rich new leads. Roopler also arms its customers with the functionality needed to resurrect old leads and recover their value.
  • ​Higher Conversion Rates: Roopler's customers consistently reported a higher-than-average conversion rate.
  • ​Cost Effective: Built by and for brokers and agents, Roopler’s turnkey lead-generation system is competitively priced to ensure real estate professionals can partner with Roopler on a long-term basis.
  • Generates & Nurtures Leads: Most lead generation systems focus on the generation of buyer leads. At Roopler, we pay just as much attention to the generation of seller leads.
How Roopler Works with Follow Up Boss
Also integrates with Chime, CINC, Sierra Interactive, Boomtown, kvCORE and other top CRM Platforms.

Roopler’s AI technology interacts with the consumer to obtain important information about the homebuyer’s wants and needs. This process equips brokers, teams, and agents with data from our intelligent lead forms and supportive AI technology. This data allows the brokers, teams, and agents to have knowledgeable and more personalized conversations with the homebuyer.

  • Roopler's AI Chatbot, Ashley, Allows for Fast and Informative Lead Communication 
Roopler leads enter into Follow Up Boss through our proprietary integration and are identified as Roopler-generated leads.
  • Ashley Engages in AI-Driven Chat with Leads
Lead engages with “Ashley,” Roopler’s AI, prompting a conversation to acquire valuable information about the homebuyer’s wants and needs. This allows the agent to be knowledgeable and have more personalized conversations with the homebuyer. 
  • Agent's Access to Ashley
Once the agent clicks “access full chat,” they will have the ability to view the complete conversation and take it over where Ashley left off.
get to know roopler

“Being ranked as the #1 Team in California for Most Homes Sold in 2020, we have had an opportunity to on board all aspects of real estate lead generation services. We made the jump to Roopler because we found the lead world is always changing, and we were looking for an alternative to support the future growth of our organization. We had the opportunity to get onboard with Roopler early and lock down markets that are very important to us. We have had a great experience with Roopler in both lead volume and quality, and we are very happy with the service and support that we have been getting from them.“ Suneet Agarwal, CEO, Best Sac Homes Group at Big Block Realty North

“Our experience with Roopler has been great! This is the first lead generation platform where quality stacks up against that of portal leads. The exclusivity, AI, and ability to geographically direct our leads at a high level…combined with Roopler exceeding our lead quantity expectations have us excited for the future of our agent lead generation platforms." Eric Pearson, CEO, Pearson Smith Realty

“As a broker and early adopter of online lead generation, I understand its pain points and pros and cons. I built my brokerage by leveraging online lead strategies. I have also trained countless real estate agents across the country to leverage online leads.  Recently, the real estate industry has shifted. In the early 2000s, agents could easily acquire quality leads without breaking the bank. In recent years, the well has dried up. That’s why I started to search for an alternative, which eventually led me to Roopler. When I was first shown (Roopler) the AI-driven lead system, I was skeptical. Still, I agreed to give this new product a test run. By the end of the first day, I was convinced that the product had the potential to bring the industry to its next level. The number of responses and quality of the engagements I experienced on Roopler’s platform were staggering. As a broker, I understand the world of lead generation from a customer’s standpoint. I know what agents need to be successful. The product is designed to consistently deliver quality leads to agents and, more importantly, keep nurturing these leads over time. I highly recommend it!" Kevin Markarian, Broker, Marker Real Estate

“I have worked with multiple organizations in the lead generation space over my career, from major portal leads to individual organizations. I find with Roopler the things I need to grow my business. Amazing customer service, the exclusivity of the product, consistent advancements, listening to my feedback, and most importantly, delivering my team a high-quality lead (with the support of their AI), allows my business to scale with the volume leads I need. I would highly recommend their service to anyone looking to get out of the current rat race that is lead generation today. “ Mike Hogan, Broker, The Hogan Group

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